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Save your Bacn: From your Inbox

December 31, 2008

I decided what better way to get ready for the New Year than to setup a few gmail filters for Bacn. Bacn is mail you want, but not right now. GlitchNYC gives a good outline on how and why you would want to do this. I thought I would compile a list of bacn that gets a label and skips my inbox for you to get you started or spark some ideas.

Facebook: Any message from Facebook
Twitter: Any message from
I don’t want all messages from twitter to skip my inbox, just the follows, because I want to see my DM’s NOW.
iTunes: Any message from Apple AND subject contains receipt
Paypal: Any message from Paypal AND subject contains receipt
Amazon: Any message from Amazon AND subject contains order

That’s about 90% of my bacn. I wish gmail could automatically recognize these like it does spam. I made tried to create a master bacn filter to check these all at once however gmail does not let you filter labels. Let me know if you have any suggestions.