In Respone to Rands’ Talk

This is an excerpt from an extra credit assignment I did for CS210, a course in computer ethics. We had to evaluate a speaker from the ACM UIUC Reflections Projections conference. I attended Rands’ talk about nerds.

    “Rands is a very charismatic speaker, to nerds that is.  Rands is his online alias, his real name is Michael Lopp. The engineering management evangelist is most prominently know for his book Managing Humans and his blog RandsInResponse.  Both of which are about how engineers can be better managers.  One of his more famous articles “The Nerd Handbook” <> is a guide to show significant others of nerds how nerds ‘work’.  I actually read the article when it was published around a year ago so I was excited about attending the talk.

    The first thing I noticed about Rands’ talk was his slides. They were usually a combination of black, white, and gray with beautiful typography, which is understandable because he is a self proclaimed typography nerd. The first part of his talk was about different types of nerds and geeks. Rands then parsed important nerd needs like the ‘cave’, quoting some of his ideas from “The Nerd Handbook” article. He definitely knew his audience because many of the attendees were laughing and clapping. To finish up his talk, Rands made a ‘context switch’ from nerd cliches to how to start a career, not getting a job.  He offered insightful advice on how to improve one’s resume and left with an offer to provide “30 seconds” of personal resume advise to anyone who sends him their resume.”

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