Starbucks is Not for Serious Work


Hmmm… Banana Chocolate vi.. (can’t remember the crazy name Starbucks gave it, just a smoothie) was delicious as I played right into Starbucks hand knowing that I like bananas and I was indecisive (They had table ads for it). Yeap, I gave in. Thats only because I was going for the full starbucks experience. Well I think I got it. Except for one of the kids there having a meltdown. Don’t get wrong, Starbucks is great for hopping on AT&T (free but takes forever to login, I have sbcglobal at home) wireless and chatting with friends while catching up on the news but not for serious study.

I was trying to read up on a Cocoa Programing book. It’s a pretty good book. It has a gentle introduction and it hits the ground running with code examples to type up in the second chapter. The only major problem is that the author doesn’t tell you the provided code will produce errors. I was pouring over my code for a good 10 minuets before I read on after the code and discovered that it was supposed to produce errors. It was a little frustrating but not a big deal. I really like programming in Xcode, I think I’ll write another blog post on that later.

Props to wordpress for making this post possible. I used the new wordpress iphone app to take a picture and save this post as a draft. I was a little disappointed when I logged in to wordpress on my macbook only to discover that my draft wasn’t online. Lo and behold I had saved my post as a local draft on my iPhone. I switched that around to draft and… Poof! It automagically showed up in wordpress.



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